Environmental Law in Australia, 10th edition (eBook)

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Environmental Law in Australia is an authoritative and accessible coverage of principles, issues and regulation in Australian environmental law

AUD$ 172.00
Release Date: June 01, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409349122

Product description

Environmental Law in Australia - provides a clear and accessible discussion of the fundamental principles underpinning all environmental initiatives. The author explains how the involvement of the law adds value to the design and implementation of environmental policy, providing an impartial process for resolving conflicts about breaches of the law and environmental decision-making.

The tenth edition has been fully revised and extensively updated for currency and relevance. A new chapter has been added on Aboriginal cultural heritage places and other chapters have been extensively rewritten or reworked to provide succinct authoritative coverage of key principles and issues. For the first time, several environmental law specialists have contributed to the publication to bring additional expert perspectives to the new edition.

The book is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of law, environmental science, environmental management and the environmental economics disciplines. It enables readers to approach any environmental law, in any Australian jurisdiction, with a clear understanding of how it is intended to work and how it will be interpreted. It is also a valuable resource for lawyers, non-government organisations, public servants, corporate officers and other practitioners.

Book Review - The Bulletin | October 2019


  • Comprehensive discussion of fundamental principles of environmental law
  • Authoritative, experienced authors
  • Equips readers with a clear understanding of the law to apply to problems in practice
  • Reliable analysis of law and policy developments

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Table of contents

Ch 1: Australian Environmental Law: History, Context and Purpose

Ch 2: International Environmental Law

Ch.3: Federal Governance and Environment Protection

Part A: The Australian Constitution

Part B: The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

Ch.4: Ecologically Sustainable Development: The Template for Environmental Management

Ch.5: Land Use Planning

Part A: Strategic Planning

Part B: Development Control

Part C: Environmental Impact Assessment

Ch.6: Protecting Biodiversity

Part A: Protected Areas

Part B: Native Vegetation

Part C: Native and Threatened Wildlife

Ch.7: Management of Natural Resources

Ch.8: Indigenous Cultural Heritage

Ch.9: Pollution and Waste

Part A: Controlling Pollution

Part B: Managing Waste

Part C: Dealing with Contaminated Sites

Ch.10: Climate Change

Ch.11: Enforcement of Environmental Laws: Remedies for Regulators

Ch.12: Enforcement of Environmental Laws: Citizen Enforcement

Ch.13: Challenging Environmental Decision-making