Cybercrime Legislation, Cases and Commentary, 3rd edition

A comprehensive analysis of Australian cybercrime legislation and case law

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409356755
Release Date: December 15, 2023
AUD$ 165.00

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Cybercrime: Legislation, Cases and Commentary provides a comprehensive analysis of cybercrime legislation and case law in Australian jurisdictions. Since the publication of the second edition, there have been significant developments in legislation, cases and policies directed at cybercrime. More generally, there have been new developments in the regimes governing law enforcement access to data, telecommunications and internet service provider obligations, and key institutions dealing with cybersecurity and data protection.
Media coverage of cybercrime continues to grow, along with increased media attention on cybersecurity; the balance between online safety and privacy, and legal disputes over computer searches using warrants; and privilege claims, including over journalists’ sources.

Cybercrime: Legislation, Cases and Commentary is an essential resource for law enforcement and legal practitioners as well as students. The legislation in this book is current to 1 September 2023.


• Updated developments in legislation, cases and policies directed at cybercrime.
• Cases selected to illustrate the legal issues that arise, and to provide examples of how cybercrime laws operate in practice.
• Internationally recognised author.

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Table of contents

  • Part 1: Introduction

  • 1. What is Cybercrime?

  • Part 2: Unauthorised Access, Modification and Impairment

  • 2. Unauthorised Access

  • 3. Unauthorised Modification

  • 4. Unauthorised Impairment

  • Part 3: Online Financial and Property Crimes

  • 5. Online Fraud and Forgery

  • 6. Identity Crimes and Card Skimming

  • 7. Online Copyright Crimes

  • Part 4: Online Child Exploitation and Other Privacy Crimes

  • 8. Child Abuse Material

  • 9. Online Child Grooming

  • 10. Cyberstalking, Online Harassment and Voyeurism

  • Part 5: Investigation, Prosecution and Judicial Issues

  • 11. Investigating Cybercrime

  • 12. Prosecuting and Defending Cybercrime Cases

  • 13. Sentencing Cyber Criminals