Criminal Law of Fiji, 2nd edition

As part of the ongoing commitment to the Rule of Law and the fair and effective administration of justice, LexisNexis is proud to publish the second edition of Criminal Law of Fiji by Eric Colvin. Criminal law is one of the major areas of practice for lawyers in Fiji and this text provides essential access to selected cases, providing students and practitioners with a concise analysis of the key principles of criminal law and procedure.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409356403
Release Date: October 25, 2022
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This interpretive text on the Criminal Law of Fiji provides a concise analysis of the elements of the major offences and defences and examines key issues in criminal procedure and sentencing. It also examines the internal coherence of the law, explains regional law in light of the general principles of criminal law in the common law world, and identifies matters requiring legal reform. The revised Second Edition expands the coverage of criminal procedure and sentencing. It also covers statutory developments and relevant new case-law from other regional jurisdictions as well as Fiji itself.

The text has been designed primarily for students taking Criminal Law and Procedure as part of a LLB course. It is, however, also intended to have broader appeal to the legal community, stimulating critical discourse about the shape and direction of Fijian criminal law. The objective has been not only to analyse and explain the criminal law but also to help improve it.


• Concise summary of existing criminal law and procedure in Fiji

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Table of contents

  • Part 1: Introductory Matters

  • 1. Sources of Criminal Law in Fiji

  • 2. Offences and Their Proof

  • Part 2: General Elements of Offences

  • 3. Physical Elements

  • 4. Fault Elements

  • Part 3: Specific Offences

  • 5. Murder and Manslaughter

  • 6. Assaults, Injuries and Harm

  • 7. Sexual Coercion and Exploitation

  • 8. Property Offences

  • 9. Drug Offences

  • Part 4: Defences

  • 10. Justifications and Excuses

  • 11. Mental Impairment

  • 12. Intoxication

  • Part 5: Participation in Crime

  • 13. Inchoate Liability

  • 14. Secondary Liability

  • 15. Capacity to Commit Offences: Children and Corporations

  • Part 6: Criminal Procedure

  • 16. Police Powers

  • 17. Charges

  • 18. Trial Proceedings

  • 19. Verdicts

  • 20. Appeals

  • Part 7: Sentences

  • 21. Sentencing Process and Principles