Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia 9th edition (eBook)

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Essential introductory resource on criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia

eBook :ePub
AUD$ 140.00
Release Date: June 01, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409339802

Product description

An indispensible tool for students, teachers and practitioners, the text provides a comprehensive and current guide to the fundamentals of the criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia, much of which has direct application in other Code jurisdictions, such as Tasmania.

Following the tradition established by Graham Kenny and Jim Herlihy in 1978, John Devereux and Meredith Blake present a text of an introductory nature suitable for students, teachers and practitioners.

The ninth edition incorporates all recent amendments to the Criminal Codes and to other statutes relating to criminal law in both Queensland and Western Australia, as well as the most recent case law.

Ideal for students approaching the subject for the first time.


  • Ideal introduction for students new to criminal law.
  • Readers can focus on the relevant Codes and legislation.
  • Assists student learning.
  • Suitable for students and practitioners in Tasmania.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. The Trial Courts

  3. Appeals

  4. Classification of Offences

  5. The Trial Process

  6. The Onus of Proof

  7. Special Pleas

  8. Criminal Responsibility

  9. Parties to Offences

  10. Special Categories of Liability

  11. Preliminary Offences

  12. Homicide

  13. Offences Against the Person

  14. Sexual Offences

  15. Offences Relating to Property

  16. Drug Offences