Corporations Law, 5th Edition

An accessible and comprehensive text for law and business students covering the full range of topics taught in an undergraduate corporations law course.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409343298
Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Corporations Law, 5th Edition by Colin Anderson, Jennifer Dickfos, Margaret Hyland, Marina Nehme and Andrew Dahdal is an accessible text covering the full range of topics taught in a corporations law course. It adopts a structure which helps students develop a greater understanding of the core subject. Key areas of study are identified and complex legal concepts are demystified.

This new edition continues to adopt a straightforward style with a particular emphasis on problem solving, allowing students to develop their critical thinking skills and practise responding to legal problem questions.


  • Key concepts covered
  • Practice questions and suggested answers to develop problem-solving skills
  • Further reading to springboard research and deeper understanding of the topic
  • Comprehensive and innovative suite of online resources

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Table of contents

Part I – Fundamentals of Australian Corporate Law

  1. The commercial and legal context of companies

  2. Incorporation, registration and the company constitution

  3. The effects of incorporation

  4. Limits of the separate legal entity doctrine

Part II – Internal and External Relations

  1. Membership

  2. Company contracts and dispositions

  3. Internal financial relations

  4. Meetings

  5. Accounts and disclosure of financial information

  6. Directors Duties I: Duties of Directors

  7. Duties II: Secretaries and Other Officers

Part III - Corporate Finance Law and Practice

  1. Share capital

  2. Dividends

  3. Fundraising I: Prospectuses

  4. Fundraising II: Protection of investors

  5. Fundraising III: Managed investment schemes

  6. Debt finance and debt securities

Part IV – Remedies in Corporate Law

  1. Remedies I: Abuse of power and members’ personal actions

  2. Remedies II: The derivative action and other remedies

Part V – Companies in Financial Distress

  1. Receivership

  2. Arrangements with creditors in insolvency

  3. Liquidation