Contract Administration for Construction Professionals

Clear and comprehensive coverage of Australian construction contracts

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350838
Release Date: November 01, 2021
AUD$ 95.00

Product description

Designed specifically for construction students and professionals, and written by a team of construction law experts, this book covers contract administration topics integral to all construction management-related degrees. It provides both students and professionals practising construction contract administration with the essential content and knowledge for effective contract management.

Clauses from four Australian standard forms of construction contract along with relevant case law and legislation are reviewed and explained in a practical and accessible manner to give readers a full understanding of each topic. Tutorial and multiple-choice questions for students are included for each chapter, making the book a complete resource to support teaching and learning.


• Written in plain English not ‘legalese’
• Strong pedagogy to assist learning
• Concise and accessible commentary
• Comprehensive structure aligned to construction administration units of study
• User-friendly format for construction students and professional construction contract managers
• Includes multiple-choice and tutorial questions

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Table of contents

  1. An introduction to forms of construction contract

  2. Security

  3. Subcontracting

  4. Latent conditions

  5. People, property and the works

  6. Quality and defective works

  7. Time

  8. Variations

  9. Payment under the contract

  10. Security of payment legislation

  11. Termination of contract

  12. Insolvency

  13. Claims and dispute resolution