Commercial Tenancy Law, 4th edition (Cased)

Commercial Tenancy Law is a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the law in Australia relating to all aspects of commercial leases. Commercial leases are still primarily governed by the common law, even where leases are subject to retail or shop lease legislation, as the various states’ legislation tends to supplement and rely upon the common law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409343366
Release Date: December 01, 2017
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Consequently, the majority of this title consists of an analysis of common law principles. It also examines the relevant legislation, in particular developments in Australian Consumer Law, Personal Property Securities law and corresponding state fair trading legislation, as well as retail or shop lease legislation on a state by state basis. Commercial Tenancy Law is an essential referencefor legal practitioners as well as academics, law students, and those involved in commercial leasing.


• Written by authoritative experts in the field
• Coverage of all Australian jurisdictions
• Up to date case law analysis

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Relationship of Landlord and Tenant

Chapter 2 – Kinds of Tenancy

Chapter 3 – Licences

Chapter 4 – Agreements for a Lease

Chapter 5 – Capacity to Make and Take Leases

Chapter 6 – Leases as Contracts

Chapter 7 –Covenants

Chapter 8 – Implied Covenants

Chapter 9 –Usual Covenants

Chapter 10 – Repairs

Chapter 11 – Rent

Chapter 12 – Trade Practices and Other Commonwealth Legislation

Chapter 13- Breach of Contract

Chapter 14 – Renewal of Leases

Chapter 15 – Assignment and Subletting

Chapter 16 – Determination of Tenancies

Chapter 17 – Forfeiture

Chapter 18 – Condition of Forfeiture

Chapter 19- Relief from Forfeiture

Chapter 20 – Notice to Quit

Chapter 21 – Re-entry by way of Self-help

Chapter 22 – The Old Action of Ejection

Chapter 23 – Retail Tenancies Legislation: Victoria

Chapter 24 – Retail Tenancies Legislation: New South Wales

Chapter 25 – Retail Tenancies Legislation: Queensland

Chapter 26 – Retail Tenancies Legislation: Western Australia

Chapter 27 – Retail Tenancies Legislation: South Australia

Chapter 28 – Retail Tenancies Legislation: Australian Capital Territory