Commercial Law, 5th edition

A clear introduction to the principles of Australian commercial and personal property law

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409351033
Release Date: June 22, 2020
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Release Date: June 22, 2020
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Product description

Commercial Law provides a clear, concise and accessible introduction to the fundamental concepts of commercial law. It describes and explains both the traditional areas of commercial law and other discrete areas of law that are now essential to successful modern commercial practice.

Part I deals exclusively with the foundations of personal property. Part II presents fundamental commercial law concepts and is designed to foster a strong understanding of the application of those concepts in contemporary commerce. It provides a focus on the increasing importance of statutory regulation, covering topics such as the personal property securities regime, consumer protection legislation, insurance contracts law and e-commerce.

The fifth edition has been extensively updated to include recent developments in case law and legislation, such as:

  • application of the statutory guarantees and indemnity provisions in the Australian Consumer Law
  • statutory reform to the Personal Property Securities Act
  • application of the Electronic Transactions Act in the context of commercial transactions

The straightforward explanations make this an ideal text for students and the up-to-date, practical analysis makes it a valuable reference for any practitioner.


  • Succinct accessible coverage of core principles
  • Develops sound understanding of commercial law principles
  • Expanded treatment of personal property
  • Suitable for a one semester unit

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Table of contents

Part I — The Fundamentals of Personal Property Law

1. The Objects and Nature of Personal Property

2. Ownership and Possession

3. Finding

4. Accession, Specification and Intermixture

Part II — Commercial Law

5. Agency

6. Sale of Goods

7. Consumer Transactions

8. Transfer of Property and Title in Goods

9. Bailment

10. Personal Property Security Interests

11. Insurance

12. Guarantees

13. E-Commerce