Civil Procedure: Commentary and Materials, 7th edition

Civil Procedure: Commentary and Materials is an essential resource on civil procedure for students and practitioners

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Release Date: May 01, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409348842

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Civil Procedure: Commentary and Materials provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive analysis of the practical and theoretical issues encountered in Australian civil procedure, including alternative dispute resolution. This text combines a wealth of primary and secondary materials from all jurisdictions. The common law is clearly set out, together with extensive practical commentary. Each chapter features in-depth questions and notes together with further readings, to aid and extend understanding of the issues. It also examines and discusses each substantive and procedural step in the trial and appeal process.

Topics include jurisdiction of a court to consider a matter, alternative dispute resolution, limitation of actions, commencing proceedings and case management, service, pleading, parties and joinder, gathering evidence, trial and appeal, costs, enforcement and practical directions. Federal, state and territory procedures are covered.

This seventh edition contains completely revised and updated commentary, legislation, Rules of Court, cases and articles.

Book Review - The Bulletin | October 2019


• Covers all jurisdictions to equip students for practice Australia-wide
• Authoritative commentary and analysis
• Includes extensive discussion of alternative dispute resolution
• All chapters include questions, notes and further reading
• Aids and extends students understanding of the issues

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Table of contents

Ch 1 Court Adjudication in the Civil Justice System

Ch 2 Case Management and the Overriding Purpose

Ch 3 Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ch 4 Jurisdiction

Ch 5 Non-compliance, Amendment and Time

Ch 6 Limitation of Actions

Ch 7 Commencing Proceedings

Ch 8 Service

Ch 9 Appearance

Ch 10 Joinder of Parties and Actions

Ch 11 Group Proceedings

Ch 12 Pleading

Ch 13 Summary Disposition

Ch 14 Discovery

Ch 15 Further Means of Obtaining Evidence

Ch 16 Affidavits

Ch 17 Interlocutory Procedures

Ch 18 Settlement

Ch 19 Trial

Ch 20 Appeal and New Trial

Ch 21 Costs

Ch 22 Enforcement