Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland, 24th edition (2 Volume Set)

Carter's Criminal Law of Queensland is the definitive resource for anyone needing a sound understanding of the criminal law of Queensland.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409355741
Release Date: December 20, 2021
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This fully revised and updated edition of Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland, extracted from Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland (available on Lexis Red, Lexis Advance and as a three-volume looseleaf service), provides a comprehensive analysis and explanation of the legislative provisions and relevant case law. This latest edition incorporates the latest legislative amendments up to 8 November 2021, including, inter alia, those arising from the Criminal Code (Consent and Mistake of Fact) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2021; Criminal Code (Child Sexual Offences Reform) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2020; Meriba Omasker Kaziw Kazipa (Torres Strait Islander Traditional Child Rearing Practice) Act 2020; Queensland Future Fund (Titles Registry) Act 2021, Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2021, Medicines and Poisons Act 2019, Medicines And Poisons (Medicines) Regulation 2021 and more.


• Easy access to up-to-date legislation
• High quality annotations from expert authors
• Quick reference directory and tabs for easy navigation

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Table of contents

  • Vol 1

  • • Criminal Code Act 1899

  • • Criminal Code

  • • Criminal Law Amendment Acts

  • • Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1978

  • • Drugs Misuse Act 1986

  • • Drugs Misuse Regulation 1987

  • • Evidence Act 1977

  • • Penalties and Sentences Act 1992

  • Vol 2

  • • Bail Act 1980

  • • Jury Act 1995

  • • Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000

  • • Police Powers and Responsibilities Regulation 2012

  • • Regulatory Offences Act 1985

  • • Summary Offences Act 2005