Australian Torts Law, 4th edition

Australian Torts Law provides clear analysis and discussion of torts principles and includes comprehensive coverage of key legislation, cases and recent developments.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409342048
Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Product description

Australian Torts Law provides clear and accessible explanation and analysis of tort law in Australia. An understanding of the fundamental principles derived from both statute and the common law is fostered through engaging discussion of legislation and case law across all Australian jurisdictions.

Complex concepts in tort law are identified, explained and supported by numerous extracts and examples. Reading lists are provided at the end of each chapter to stimulate further research.

The fourth edition of Australian Torts Law has been fully revised and updated, and key statutory provisions are identified. Numerous recent decisions in areas such as trespass, nuisance and cases arising under the civil liability legislation are discussed to foster a critical appreciation of this evolving area of law. New cases include:

  • Brookfield Multiplex Ltd v Owners Corp Strata Plan 61288 (2014) (pure economic loss)
  • Hunter and New England Local Health District v McKenna (2014) (pure psychiatric injury)
  • Wallace v Kam (2013) (factual causation and scope of defendant’s liability in negligence)
  • Marsh v Baxter (2015) (pure economic loss and nuisance)
  • King v Philcox (2015) (mental harm under the Civil Liability Act 1936 (SA)


  • Clear, accessible style supports understanding of the relevance of both legislation and judicial reasoning
  • Student friendly layout provides easy identification of key issues
  • Discussion covers all Australian jurisdictions

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Table of contents

  • Ch 1: An Introduction to Torts

  • Ch 2: The Distinction Between Trespass and Case

  • Ch 3: Trespass to Person

  • Ch 4: Trespass to Land

  • Ch 5: Trespass to Personal Property

  • Ch 6: Defences to Trespass

  • Ch 7: Intentional Damage to a Person

  • Ch 8: The Negligence Action

  • Ch 9: Established Duties of Care

  • Ch 10: Novel Duties of Care

  • Ch 11: Standard of Care and Breach

  • Ch 12 : Damage — Causation and Scope

  • Ch 13 : Defences to Negligence

  • Ch 14 : Limitation of Actions

  • Ch 15 : Judicial Remedies

  • Ch 16: Wrongful Death

  • Ch 17: Service and Family Relations

  • Ch 18: Public and Statutory Duties

  • Ch 19: Misrepresentation in Torts — Negligence and Deceit

  • Ch 20: Vicarious Liability and Non-Delegable Duties

  • Ch 21: Multiple Tortfeasors

  • Ch 22: Defamation

  • Ch 23: Defences and Remedies in Defamation

  • Ch 24: Interference with Business Interests

  • Ch 25: Nuisance

  • Ch 26: Liability for Animals