Australian Insolvency Law, 5th edition

An essential introduction to the fundamentals of corporate and personal insolvency law

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409356991
Release Date: March 27, 2023
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Product description

Australian Insolvency Law provides an accessible and concise explanation and analysis of the important aspects of both personal and corporate insolvency law and practice.

The fully revised fifth edition takes the reader through the technical and procedural aspects of each regime to provide a clear understanding of fundamental concepts, technical detail and practical issues. International aspects of insolvency law and, in particular the cross border insolvency regime, are also included. Key cases, legislation and further reading are clearly set out, and problems are provided to enable readers to test their knowledge of applicable concepts.


• Assist student understanding
• Assist development of analytical and problem solving skills
• Accessible and easy to read
• Learning objectives
• Problem questions and case studies
• Developed in line with 13-week curriculum<.p>

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Table of contents

  • Contents

  • 1. Introduction

  • Part 1 – Personal Insolvency

  • 2. The Bankruptcy Process and Its Consequences

  • 3. The Bankrupt Estate

  • 4. Claims Against the Bankrupt Estate

  • 5. Alternatives to Bankruptcy

  • 6. Other Personal Insolvency Matters

  • Part 2 – Corporate Insolvency

  • 7. Receivership

  • 8. Voluntary Administration (Including Deeds of Company Arrangement) and Small Business Restructuring

  • 9. The Liquidation Process and its Consequences

  • 10. Property Available for Distribution in Liquidations

  • 11. Liquidation Administration, Distribution and Deregistration

  • 12. Australian Cross-Border Insolvency Law