Abandoning timesheets: Some lessons learned: CPD

How practitioners work in a timeless firm

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Release Date: October 01, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409346862

Product description

Many observers are predicting that the changes to the legal industry over the next 3 years will be unprecedented.

A ‘perfect storm’ across issues such as digital disruption, de-leveraging and new entrants mean that the only certainty will be change.

An increasing number of lawyers believe the first step towards successful reinvention is the abandoning of timesheets.

This presentation will explore why eliminating timesheets is gaining so much attention, how you can do it immediately and what the key challenges and solutions are.

By the end of this presentation, participants will understand:

  • The impact of the “innovator’s dilemma” on firms that record time. (the word I think we’ve used is incumbent).
  • The inherent risks with attaching value to ‘manufacturing’ in preference to ideas
  • How to create and communicate value, without referencing time recorded and hourly rates
  • The key principles to successful implementation of value pricing
  • Some of the key metrics that replace timesheets in a ‘timeless firm’

The presentation consists of the talk; downloadable questions and answers and transcript; links to further reading. Time to complete: 1 hour. The presentation may be started and stopped to suit your convenience. It will pick up where you left off.

This may be recognised as contributing to CPD requirements in accordance with relevant jurisdiction requirements . Enjoy the convenience of just-in-time online learning.


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