A New Lawyer’s Guide to Getting it Right the First Time

It’s like having a senior lawyer sitting in the office next door, ready to answer all your questions 24/7

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409353600
Release Date: December 17, 2020
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Release Date: December 17, 2020
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Drawing upon her more than 30 years’ experience as a specialist lawyer, Susan Marie Hill draws uses proven coaching techniques to break down into practical, clear, step-by-step processes the ‘bottom-line basics’ of the daily work of a new lawyer.

Learn essential day-to-day skills that they can’t teach you in law school (even if they wanted to).

Boost your performance with access to straightforward strategies in an easy-to-follow format.

Take control of your results by using practical self-assessment quizzes to assess, measure and monitor your own performance.

Book Review - Law Society of Victoria | November 2021


• modelled on proven coaching techniques
• includes a detailed series of daily tasks and step-by-step processes to provide graduate lawyers expert guidance for the early years of legal practice

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 How to eliminate early awkward moments – who’s who and firm formalities

  • Chapter 2 The tyranny of timesheets – Why they need to be at the top of your list, how to fill them out and ways to make them easy to manage

  • Chapter 3 Budgets, Billing and Bottom Lines – your keys to conquering the 3BusinessBadBoys

  • Chapter 4 How to get better at managing competing priorities and clashing deadlines

  • Chapter 5 The 5 Essential First Steps you need to take when you’re assigned to a new client matter (and the 3 Most Avoidable Errors)

  • Chapter 6 Effective court appearances Phase 1– the 3 essential steps you must take before you take a step out of your office

  • Chapter 7 Effective court appearances Phase 2 – the 3 Golden Rules for getting to Court without making the 5 Basic Beginner Blunders

  • Chapter 8 Effective court appearances Phase 3 – the 5 most common courtroom slip ups to avoid

  • Chapter 9 Effective court appearances Phase 4- back to your office for 5 Final Finishing Touches

  • Chapter 10 Breaking through the Barrister Barriers - Part 1 – Unjumbling the jargon: seniors, juniors and everything in between

  • Chapter 11 Breaking through the Barrister Barriers - Part 2 – Top tips for proficient brief preparation, even when you’ve never done it before

  • Chapter 12 Breaking through the Barrister Barriers - Part 3 – The hidden keys to correctly co-ordinating a conference

  • Chapter 13 Breaking through the Barrister Barriers - Part 4 – In the room: your guide to competent conferencing

  • Chapter 14 Breaking through the Barrister Barriers - Part 5 – The 10 most useful tips you’ll ever get for instructing a barrister in court

  • Chapter 15 Client meetings, court appearances & conferences – common ‘behind the scenes’ mistakes & how to avoid them

  • Chapter 16 Client communications so effective they won’t even notice that you’re new

  • Chapter 17 Mastering management of client meetings (even if it’s your first one)

  • Chapter 18 Not waving, drowning – coping with the challenges of matter overload

  • Chapter 19 How to handle client inquiries professionally and effectively (even if they don’t like what you’re telling them)

  • Chapter 20 Feedback – friend or foe? The choice is yours!

  • Chapter 21 Coming down to earth by bursting beginner bubbles

  • Chapter 22 The devil is in the detail – how to tell when enough is (or isn’t) enough

  • Chapter 23 Taking instructions from your client – Part 1: How to take the lead so that you find out what you need to know

  • Chapter 24 Taking instructions from your client – Part 2: Making sure you get the full story

  • Chapter 25 Taking instructions from your client – Part 3: How to ask the right questions

  • Chapter 26 The sounds of silence – are you doing too much of the talking?

  • Chapter 27 Facts, facts and more facts – how to question your way past assumptions

  • Chapter 28 The graduate lawyer’s paradox - how to get better results more quickly by slowing down

  • Chapter 29 Why lawyers can’t wait for the ducks to line up – how to handle your workload

  • Chapter 30 Deadlines – how to manage them effectively so that you can sleep at night