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Understanding Law, 8th edition (eBook)

Understanding Law, 8th edition (eBook)

Chisholm, R; Nettheim, G, 2011

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Designed as an accessible introduction to Australia's legal system, Understanding Law demystifies the law and shows its importance to our society.


Format: ePub


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Read the review first published in Ethos - Journal of the ACT Law Society.


Written by highly qualified authors, the direct, clear and often humorous style of this book will help readers understand how the law relates to real issues and controversies.

The institutions and sources of law in our legal system are clearly explained, including the roles of lawyers, the courts and the legislature. Illustrative examples and a discussion of actual cases enable students and other citizens to engage with topics such as historical basis of Australian law, Australian law and international law, human rights, procedural fairness and the notions of law and morality.

New stimulus questions and activities included in this 8th edition invite the reader to consider the interrelationship of law, tradition and social values.

Understanding Law is a perfect introduction to the law for students engaging with legal studies and for other academic disciplines at tertiary and senior secondary levels. It is an ideal starting point for any Australian interested in learning more about their legal system.



· This text is written in accessible, plain English to enable non-lawyers to easily understand legal principles
· Experienced and accomplished authors provide reliable and authoritative content.
· Cartoons provide humour and promote the book as a reader friendly text.


Richard Chisholm BA, LLB (Syd), BCL (Oxon) Richard graduated in Arts/Law at the University of Sydney, qualified as a solicitor, and then completed a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) degree at Oxford University. On his return, he accepted an academic position at the UNSW Law School, where he remained for 23 years. In 1993 he was appointed a judge of the Family Court of Australia.

Table of Contents

1. The Legal System: First Glimpses
2. Legal Systems - Indigenous, English, Australian, International
3. Main Branches of Law
4. Where Law Comes From - Case Law
5. Where Law Comes From: Legislation
6. Limits on Legislative Power
7. Courts and the Interpretation of Legislation
8. Lawyers
9. Courts of Law
10. Due Process of Law
11. Legal Aid and Access to Justice
12. Individual Liberty and Public Power
13. Law and Morality

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