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Torts: Cases and Commentary, 7th Edition (eBook)

Torts: Cases and Commentary, 7th Edition (eBook)

Luntz, H; Hambly, D; Burns, K; Dietrich, J; Foster, N, 2012

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Torts: Cases and Commentary delivers a critical and analytical approach to the law of torts.
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Torts: Cases and Commentary delivers a critical and analytical approach to the law of torts presented through extensive commentary and selected materials from case decisions, legislation and academic writings. Detailed notes assist students and practitioners to understand the significance of the key cases while questions stimulate critical thinking and learning.

The 7th edition of Torts: Cases and Commentary includes discussion of and some excerpts from many cases that have interpreted the Civil Liability statutes enacted in the early years of this century. Current and emerging issues in tort law reform are widely discussed and many additional references to the academic literature are provided.

Additional cases include:
Sydney Water Corporation v Turano (2009)
CAL No 14 Pty Ltd v Motor Accidents Insurance Board (2009)
Strong v Woolworths Ltd (2012)
Amaca Pty Ltd v Ellis (2010)
Tabet v Gett (2010)
Stuart v Kirkland-Veenstra (2009)
Powercor Australia Ltd v Thomas (2012)

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Luntz, H

Harold Luntz is Professor Emeritus at the Law School, University of Melbourne.

Hambly, D

David Hambly is Professor Emeritus and Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. Burns, K Kylie Burns is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith Law School.

Dietrich, J

Joachim Dietrich is an Associate Professor at Bond University.

Foster, N

Neil Foster is an Associate Professor at Newcastle Law School, University of Newcastle. He teaches, writes and conducts research in the areas of Workplace Health and Safety Law and Torts. Neil Foster is a member of the Editorial Board of the Torts Law Journal and an Associate Member of the National Research Centre for OHS Regulation at the ANU.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Negligence: Duty of Care
3. Negligence: Breach of Duty
4. Causation
5. Damage and Remoteness
6. Defences to Torts Involving Negligence
7. Particular Negligence Situations
8. Damages
9. Wrongful Death
10. Breach of Statutory Duty
11. Intentional Interference with the Person
12. Trespass to Land
13. Defences to Intentional Torts
14. Private Nuisance
15. Strict Liability
16. The Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Economic Loss
17. Vicarious Liability
18. Concurrent Liability

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