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The Global Lawyer

The Global Lawyer

Galloway, K; Castan, M; Flood, J, 2019

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Publication date: November, 2019


The Global Lawyer equips lawyers for practice in a borderless, globalised legal profession.


Format: Paperback

Once published, this title will also be available in eBook format.
eISBN: 9780409348583


Contemporary legal practice faces the paradox of both fragmentation and consolidation through the effects of globalisation of legal services, of clients, and arguably of the law itself. Increasingly, thanks to rapid developments in technology, non-lawyers also deliver legal services.

At the convergence of these influences, lawyers increasingly work outside their ‘home’ jurisdiction: travelling and working internationally, managing matters for international clients, or dealing with laws that bear an international context. They also face competition from law start-ups that are unconstrained by jurisdiction, and consequently lawyers’ work includes interdisciplinary technology-related contexts.

This innovative text is designed to prepare law students and to enhance practitioners’ skill-sets, enabling both to deal successfully with the wide range of issues encountered in the delivery of legal services in the contemporary global environment.

It offers a structured approach to develop the intellectual and practical skills of students and junior lawyers necessary to transition from a domestic legal practitioner to a lawyer equipped to practise in diverse global contexts. It addresses a range of challenges, providing a practical ‘toolkit’ that promotes the capabilities of global citizenship and a professional, global outlook. Topics covered include cultural competence, diverse digital contexts of legal practice, notions of professionalism and ethics in the global context, and more.



• Designed for students and junior lawyers
• Offers opportunities to develop practice-ready knowledge and skills
• Engaging, informative discussion
• Relatable to student/graduate lawyer experience
• A progressive, practical resource


Dr Kate Galloway is Associate Professor of Law at Bond University. Her work investigates the effect of technology on the law and legal practice, with the goal of preparing lawyers for the future of legal service delivery in the face of globalised demand.

Dr Melissa Castan is Associate Professor at Monash University with expertise in international human rights and in particular, self-determination of colonised peoples. Her work engages with the impact of globalised legal norms on local communities.

Dr John Flood is Professor of Law and Society and was the Inaugural Director of the Law Futures Centre at Griffith Law School, Griffith University. He is a sociologist of the legal profession with particular interest in the globalisation of legal practice and the effect of technologies on the practice of law.

Table of Contents

Ch 1 The context for global legal practice
Ch 2 Globalisation and the profession
Ch 3 Comparative lawyering
Ch 4 Cultural competency in global practice
Ch 5 Digital lawyering
Ch 6 The borderless lawyer
Ch 7 Professionalism in global practice

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