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Securities and Financial Services Law, 8th edition (eBook)

Securities and Financial Services Law, 8th edition (eBook)

Baxt, R; Black, A; Hanrahan, P, 2012

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Securities and Financial Services Law is a high-level work of an advanced corporations law subject.

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Click here to read the review first published in the Victorian Law Institute Journal - April 2013.

Click here to see the book review irst published in "Ethos" - Journal of ACT Law Society - March 2013 Issue 227.


The 8th edition has been updated to include the new future of financial advice reforms and incorporates new features to make the text more accessible while still maintaining the academic rigour expected from this author team.


· Written by leaders in the securities and financial services field
· Includes commentary on FoFA reforms
· Provides a concise and thorough commentary on financial services law
· Is a current and comprehensive treatment of financial services in a dynamic market


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Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction
1. Regulating securities and markets
2. Administration of the securities and financial services laws
3. The statutory definitions

Part 2 Issuers
4. Regulation of securities offerings
5. Conducting a regulated securities offer
6. Offering financial products other than securities
7. Continuous disclosure
8. Liability for defective disclosure
9. Investor claims for defective disclosure

Part 3 Markets
10. Licensing of market providers
11. Regulation of market participants in the securities markets
12. Enforceability of the ASX Listing Rules

Part 4 Intermediaries
13. Licensing financial intermediaries
14. The relationship between financial services licensees and their clients

Part 5 Market Conduct
15. Mergers and acquisitions
16. Market misconduct, prohibited conduct and short selling
17. Insider trading

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