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Respondent’s documents (Cth FOI)

Respondent’s documents (Cth FOI)

Cremean, D, 2015

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Precedent 0000689653 $88.15


The Respondent’s documents (Cth FOI) can be purchased as a bundle and precedent documents included in the bundle are:

• Refusal of FOI access in case of internal working document - internal working documents, as they were known, are conditionally exempt under the Commonwealth FOI Act. That is to say, a document is conditionally exempt if it would disclose matter in the nature of, or relating to, opinion, advice or recommendation obtained, prepared or recorded, or consultation or deliberation that has taken place in the course of or for the purposes of the deliberative processes involved in the functions of an agency or Minister or the Commonwealth Government or the Norfolk Island Government. (6 pages)

• Refusal of FOI access request for practical refusal reason - in certain circumstances the Commonwealth FOI Act allows an agency or the Minister to refuse to grant access to documents if a practical refusal reason exists in relation to the request. Access to a document may be refused if a document cannot be found or does not appear to exist. (4 pages)

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This precedent is also available via subscription to the Precedents – General Legal Suite – Freedom of Information Bundle

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