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Quick Reference Card Tax I, 2016

Quick Reference Card Tax I, 2016

Kenny, P, 2016

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Quick Reference Card Tax I offers a summary of the fundamental principles of tax law in Australia, including reference to relevant legislation


Format: Paperback


Quick Reference Card Tax I, clearly summaries Australian tax by using the most important legal principles, Australian legislation and law cases. This Quick Reference Card makes an ideal study aid both for classroom and exam use and is an excellent quick-reference tool for legal and tax students as well as professionals. This card covers income tax, international tax, statutory income, non-assessable income, capital gains tax, general and specific deductions, deduction limitations, special taxpayers, fringe benefits tax and GST.



     •     Concise summary of the most important principles of Australian tax
     •     Overview of important legislation and cases
     •     Bold headings and colour coded boxes structure the subject


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Dr Paul Kenny is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean Academic at Flinders University and has previously worked for the Australian Tax Office and tax consulting firms.

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