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Property Law in NSW, 3rd edition

Property Law in NSW, 3rd edition

Gray, J; Edgeworth, B; Foster, N; Dorsett, S, 2012

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This book provides a clear and understandable discussion of the main topics of property law and related issues, focusing on Australian conditions and their impact on the development of property law in NSW.

Format: Paperback


Property Law in New South Wales closely examines local statutory regimes, such as strata schemes, the Torrens system, statutory tenancies and native title. It also looks at broader themes, ranging from the concept of property to relationship debt.

The reform sections in each chapter of this text challenge conventional understandings of how the law should operate. In this third edition, all chapters have been extensively revised to take account of recent developments.


     •     Concise and well-written text designed to match course syllabus; suitable for one semester courses
     •     Diagrams and charts used to explain complex ideas
     •     Broad approach to the study of property law in NSW
     •     Critical approach and suggestions for reform encourages a thoughtful analysis of law

Table of Contents

1. The Concept of Property
2. Land, Fixtures and Chattels
3. Fundamental Principles - Tenure and Estates
4. Native Title
5. Possession and Adverse Possession
6. Law, Equity and Trusts
7. Old System and Priorities
8. Torrens Title
9. Common Property
10. Perpetuities
11. Leases and Tenancies
12. Easements and Profits a Prende
13. Freehold Covenants
14. Mortgages

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