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Private International Law in Australia, 4th edition (eBook)

Private International Law in Australia, 4th edition (eBook)

Mortensen, R; Garnett, R; Keyes, M, 2018

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Private International Law in Australia is an authoritative and accessible analysis of the key principles of private international law


Format: ePub


Private International Law in Australia is highly regarded book provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of the principles of private international law and the methods by which such principles are applied to cross-border legal problems in Australia.

Important recent developments in Australian private international law are discussed, together with legislative reforms and significant decisions, particularly of Australian courts. A new chapter on equitable claims and trusts has been added in this edition.

The book provides an in-depth examination of the following subjects:

• introduction to private international law
• jurisdiction and judgments
• international arbitration
• choice of law
• international family law
• choice of law for obligations
• choice of property law
• international company law

An understanding of the fundamental concepts in private international law is becoming increasingly important in legal practice, and the accessible style of this text makes it invaluable to both students and practitioners.



• Provides a thorough understanding of core concepts
• Authoritative, reliable content
• Aligns with students’ coursework in Australian universities
• Invaluable resource for practitioners


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Reid Mortensen is Professor of Law and Head of School at the School of Law and Justice, University of Southern Queensland and a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Richard Garnett is Professor of Law at Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne and a c-onsultant in international litigation and arbitration.

Mary Keyes is a Professor of Law at Griffith Law School, Griffith University, Queensland and a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction to Private International Law

1 Scope, Development and Purpose

Part 2 Jurisdiction and Judgments

2 Personal Jurisdiction
3 Jurisdiction: Exceptions and Immunities
4 Restraints on Proceedings
5 The Effect of Foreign and Interstate Judgments
6 International Arbitration

Part 3 Choice of Law Method

7 Choice of Law Method 1: The General Part
8 Choice of Law Method 2: Complications and Exceptions
9 Proof of Foreign Law
10 Personal Connections
11 Constitutional Limits on Choice of Law
12 Statutes

Part 4 International Family Law

13 Marriage Validity
14 Separation, Dissolution and Annulment of Marriage
15 Parenting and Custody of Children
16 Property and Maintenance

Part 5 Choice of Law for Obligations

17 Contracts
18 Torts
19 Equitable Claims and Trusts

Part 6 Choice of Property Law

20 The Location and Classification of Property
21 Transfer of Property between Living and Corporate Persons
22 Succession to Property on Death

Part 7 International Company Law

23 International Company Law
24 Corporate Insolvency

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