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Master franchise agreement

Master franchise agreement

Carkeet, M; Mitchell, K, 2012

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This precedent document is a template master franchise agreement.
Format: Word document delivered by email within 24 hours 


This precedent document is a template master franchise agreement. A master franchise agreement gives a master franchisee the right to manage the franchisor's business systems within a certain territory, including the network of supporting franchisees.

The precedent master franchise agreement is to be executed as a deed by the franchisor and master franchisee. The precedent includes clauses relating to:
· the grant of a master franchise;
· terms and conditions of the granted rights, including performance criteria;
· compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct; and
· the parties' other responsibilities under the master franchise agreement.

This precedent master franchise agreement is suitable for use where:
· the franchisor has developed a distinctive business format featuring certain marks, images, systems and/or procedures for the sale of particular products and/or services;
· the franchisor network in the relevant territory features franchisees each operating separate businesses using the franchisor system, images, etc; and
· the franchisor wishes to appoint a master franchisee to manage the franchisor network in the territory, and have the responsibility for recruiting, supplying, motivating, training, supervising and supporting franchisees located in the territory.

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