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LexisNexis Study Guide: Contract Law

LexisNexis Study Guide: Contract Law

Mellick, J; Newlyn, D, 2015

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Book 9780409340372 $57.00
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LexisNexis Study Guide: Contract Law is designed to assist students in learning the foundations of contract law for effective, systematic exam preparation and revision.


Format: Paperback


Each chapter clearly identifies and explains the pertinent and often difficult topics within contract law. The most important and recent cases are summarised to consolidate practical understanding of the theoretical concepts.


Key cases are summarised with the facts, issue and decision to assist readers’ understanding of the cases.



     •     This text simplifies exam study by providing students with the key cases and commentary needed for success in contract law exams.
     •     Students remember more with the help of short and concise paragraphs, bullet-pointed summaries and tables.


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Julian Mellick is a partner at Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers. The majority of his practice is spent drafting, negotiating, administering and advising on contracts and acting in respect of contractual disputes. He has written extensively for professional and industry publications.


Dr David Newlyn is a member of the academic staff in the School of Law at the University of Western Sydney. He teaches and researches in business law, contract law, constitutional law, introduction to the law and legal education. He has published extensively in academic journals on legal education, pedagogy and assessment in tertiary law courses, and emerging technology issues in contracts.

Table of Contents

     1.     Overview
     2.     Contract Formation I
     3.     Contract Formation II
     4.     Contract Formation III
     5.     Vitiating Factors
     6.     Contract Terms
     7.     Discharge of Contract
     8.     Remedies

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