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LexisNexis Study Guide: Constitutional Law, 2nd edition

LexisNexis Study Guide: Constitutional Law, 2nd edition

Harvey, M; Longo, M; Ligertwood, J; Babovic, D; Parker, D, 2014

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LexisNexis Study Guide: Constitutional Law is designed to assist students in learning the foundations for effective, systematic exam preparation and revision for constitutional law.


Format: Paperback


Each chapter clearly identifies and explains the pertinent and often difficult topics within constitutional law. The most important and recent cases are summarised to consolidate practical understanding of the theoretical concepts.



     •     To simplify exam study by providing students with key cases and commentary needed for success in Constitutional law exams
     •     Enable students to remember more with the help of short and concise paragraphs, bullet point summaries and tables


Dr Matt Harvey has taught Constitutional Law at Monash University and Victoria University. He also teaches European Union Law, Public International Law and Intellectual Property.

Dr Michael Longo has taught Constitutional Law at Victoria University. He currently teaches Legal Research Methods and Human Rights Law.

Julian Ligertwood is a Lecturer at the College of Law and Justice at Victoria University.

David Babovic is a Barrister at the Victorian Bar and a Sessional Academic at the Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne.

Darren Parker is the LLB Coordinator and Lecturer at the Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University.

Table of Contents

1. Constitutional Law in Context
2. Constitutional Theory
3. Indigenous Aspects of Constitutional Law
4. Legislative, Executive and Judicial Power
5. Federalism and the Australian Federation
6. State Constitutions
7. The Trade, Commerce and Corporations Powers and Industrial Relations
8. External Affairs and International Law Debates
9. Finance
10. Rights and Restrictions
11. Amendment and Reform

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