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LexisNexis Study Guide: Administrative Law, 2nd edition (eBook)

LexisNexis Study Guide: Administrative Law, 2nd edition (eBook)

Howe, S W; Evans, M, 2015

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LexisNexis Study Guide: Administrative Law is designed to assist students in learning the foundations of administrative law for effective, systematic exam preparation and revision.


Format: ePub


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Each chapter of this text clearly identifies and explains the pertinent and often difficult topics within administrative law. The most important and recent cases are summarised to consolidate practical understanding of the theoretical concepts. Key cases are summarized with the facts, issue and decision to assist reader’s understanding of the cases.


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Sarah Withnall Howe is a Lecturer in the School of Law at Murdoch University. Her teaching and writing interests include the areas of administrative law and tort law.

Michelle Evans is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Teaching (Law) at the Curtin Law School at Curtin University. She teaches and researches in the areas of constitutional and administrative law, and law, society and justice.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Administrative Law
2. Merits Review
3. The Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal
4. Reasons for Decisions
5. Freedom of Information
6. The Ombudsman
7. Introduction to Judicial Review, Jurisdiction and Justiciability
8. Remedies
9. Standing
10. Ultra Vires
11. Procedural Fairness — General Principles
12. The Hearing Rule
13. The Rule Against Bias

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