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LexisNexis Guides: Legal Referencing, 4th edition (eBook)

LexisNexis Guides: Legal Referencing, 4th edition (eBook)

Stuhmcke, A, 2011

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The fourth edition of Legal Referencing is a comprehensive and clear guide to legal referencing and effective legal writing, which are essential skills for students and academics.


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This new edition is written to engage under-graduate students. It highlights the importance of accurate legal referencing. The in-depth treatment of this subject, and the provision of many "how to reference" examples, make this a critical reference text for every student to purchase.

The author provides clear commentary explaining the "hows and whys" of good legal referencing and writing. There is a highly valued chapter of examples and exercises which show students how to identify and avoid plagiarism in legal or other writing. The author also discusses referencing in compliance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, now in its third edition. Referencing to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, e-books and apps is discussed and 'how to' examples provided. Ancillary exercises including solutions will further support learning. Not only will this book be useful for early learning, but it will serve as an excellent ongoing reference in students' law studies.


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Professor Anita Stuhmcke joined the Law Faculty at the University of Technology Sydney in 1996. Prior to this, she lectured at the University of Western Sydney and worked as a solicitor for the law firm Freehill, Hollingdale and Page (as it then was). Anita completed a BA/LLB at Macquarie University and graduated first in her year from her undergraduate law degree. She then went on to complete a masters of Jurisprudence with Honours from the University of Sydney.

Anita completed her PhD at the Australian National University - her thesis titled 'An Empirical Study of the Systemic Investigations Function of the Commonwealth Ombudsman From 1977-2005'. The thesis develops an original methodology to explore the relationship between the dual roles of system-fixer and individual complaint-handler performed by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

A critical concern of Professor Anita Stuhmcke's research is to conceptualise the ways in which law operates as a continuum of effectiveness, the central premise being that black letter law is just one regulatory option available to policy makers. Consequently her scholarship straddles areas of social change which explore social exclusion and public access to services, such as the transition between being a citizen to consumer in public law; the impact of legislation on tort law and the ongoing issue of accessing reproductive services - especially with respect to surrogacy.

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