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Lawyering and Positive Professional Identities

Lawyering and Positive Professional Identities

Field, R; Duffy, J; Huggins, A, 2014

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This book provides a unique coverage of diverse topics, including lawyering, dispute resolution, ethics, resilience and self-management.


Format: Paperback


Lawyering and Positive Professional Identities aims to help law students successfully navigate the demands of law studies and legal practice through the development of positive professional legal identities. It does this by focusing on the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for law students to be motivated and engaged learners, and psychologically healthy individuals.


The text will fill an important gap for many law schools seeking to enact the threshold learning outcomes for law by addressing these important topics in their curricula. It is a valuable guide for all law students who wish to maximise their success and chances of thriving at law school and beyond.


Positive lawyering knowledge and practice are central themes of this book, with a particular emphasis on lawyers’ roles as upholders of the rule of law, as dispute resolvers and as ethical professionals. Throughout, the authors provide practical, experience-based advice on the development of core skills for legal education and practice.


Rachael Field is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and is the founder and coordinator of the Australian Wellness for Law Network.


James Duffy is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at QUT.


Anna Huggins researches and teaches at the University of New South Wales Faculty of Law.


All three authors have research interests in the fields of legal education and law students’ well-being.

Table of Contents

     1.     A Positive Professional Identity for Lawyers
     2.     What Lawyers Need to Know and be Able to Do
     3.     Happiness, Hope and Optimism
     4.     Lawyers as Reflective Professionals
     5.     Lawyers as Lifelong and Independent Learners
     6.     Lawyers as Ethical Decision-Makers
     7.     Lawyers as Thinkers
     8.     Lawyers as Resilient Professionals
     9.     The Psychology of Legal Practice
     10.     Lawyers as Upholders of the Rule of Law
     11.     Lawyers as Ethical Professionals
     12.     Lawyers as Managers and Resolvers of Disputes
     13.     Lawyers as Advocates
     14.     Alternative Dispute Resolution
     15.     Innovative Legal Practices

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