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Law of Limitation (eBook)

Law of Limitation (eBook)

Dal Pont, G E, 2016

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Law of Limitation is a new title as part of the LexisNexis Black & Silver series. Addressing what is a critical field for all lawyers, this text provides a comprehensive introduction to the structure and application of limitation legislation, and offers detailed commentary on particular areas of law in which limitation periods are relevant.


Format: ePub


Law of Limitation is a comprehensive title focussing on the structure and application of limitations legislation. Australian limitation laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and recent attempts to implement uniform legislation across all jurisdictions have not been achieved. Additionally, different limitation periods apply across a range of areas of legal practice, and so having a definitive resource on limitations is of critical importance for legal practitioners.

This title is an excellent reference for the core legal market, including lawyers (especially in litigation), barristers, government and the judiciary. It is well researched and and punctuated by reference to developments in this area, including law reform outside of Australia.

Law of Limitation is part of the LexisNexis Black and Silver series.


The Law Society of Tasmania - Book Review


• Well written by a highly regarded author
• Clearly structured
• Comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional
• High level practitioner work


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Gino Dal Pont is a Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania. He is a graduate of the University of Tasmania (LLD) and the University of Michigan (LLM), and is admitted to practice in New South Wales, as well as a Certified Practising Accountant. He has written widely in the areas of the legal profession and equity and trusts, in particular, including five books in the LexisNexis Black and Silver series. Professor Dal Pont is also General Editor of Halsbury’s Laws of Australia, author of the New South Wales Solicitors Manual, and a regular columnist on legal ethics issues. His teaching involves professional responsibility, trusts and tax.

Table of Contents

1. Source and Justification for Time Bars
2. Nature of Time Bars
3. Application of Time Bars

4. Running and Computation of Time
5. Contractual Causes of Action
6. Tortious Causes of Action
7. Personal Injury Causes of Action
8. Causes of Action in Relation to Land
9. Causes of Action in Relation to Mortgages
10. Causes of Action in Relation to Trusts
11. Causes of Action for Money under Statute
12. Other Causes of Action
13. Causes of Action in Equity

14. Disability
15. Fraud and Concealment
16. Mistake
17. Acknowledgement and Part Payment

18. Introduction to the Extension of Time
19. General Discretion to Extend Time – Northern Territory and South Australia
20. Extension of Time for Personal Injury Actions
21. Extension of Time for Defamation and Admiralty Actions

22. Setting Time Bars and Running of Time
23. Ultimate Time Bars and Extending Time
24. Challenging Time Bars

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