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Introduction to Australian Public Law, 5th edition

Introduction to Australian Public Law, 5th edition

Clark, D, 2016

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Introduction to Australian Public Law, 5th edition is an essential resource on public law for students and practitioners



Format: Paperback


Introduction to Australian Public Law provides an account of contemporary Australian Public Law for students in Australian Law Schools. The book covers current issues such as the recognition of Indigenous Australians as well as key concepts that apply to both the Commonwealth and State jurisdictions such as the rule of law and the separation of powers.


Areas of law covered include the role of public international law in Australian public law, Election law, the Ombudsman office, human rights as well as state legislative power and executive power. Each chapter has suggested study questions and a select list of further reading.



     •     Learning objectives at the start of each chapter introduces key topics and concepts covered in that chapter
     •     Study questions assist students to consolidate their knowledge
     •     Further reading provides students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge.
     •     Contemporary take on key concepts as well as current debates.


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David Clark is a Professor of Law at Flinders University and has authored five books and over 60 academic papers. David has taught in Hong Kong, New Zealand and in Australia. He has published on the law of Habeas Corpus in which field he has also consulted as well as being cited in the courts of four common law countries. David’s main field of research is constitutional history and he is currently writing on Magna Carta in the Commonwealth for the American Bar Association.

Table of Contents

1. The Scope of Public Law 2. Indigenous Australians and Public Law
3. The Rule of Law
4. Separation of Powers and Judicial Power
5. Legislative Power
6. Parliamentary Privilege
7. Electing the Legislatures
8. The Executive
9. Judicial Independence
10. Judicial Review
11. The Ombudsman
12. Human Rights
13. Public International Law

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