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Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th edition

Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th edition

Stewart, A; Van Caenegem, W; Bannister, J; Liberman, A; Lawson, C, 2017

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Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th edition is authoritative and engaging book offers insightful treatment of the law of intellectual property. It is an invaluable resource for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and those who teach them, and is a practical reference for practitioners.

Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th edition established work features a new and expanded team of authors. It provides extensive commentary on the Productivity Commission’s proposals for sweeping changes to Australia’s intellectual property regimes, including the introduction of new rights to use or access copyright material and a higher threshold for the patentability of inventions. It also provides accessible explanations and analysis of the current regimes and their application in various commercial settings, while examining the trends and tensions that influence future changes to the Australian intellectual property system. Updates are also provided on other legislative reforms introduced since the fifth edition, relevant recommendations from the Harper Review of competition law, and the Turnbull Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

In addition, the new edition analyses a wide range of recent cases. Many recent important decisions are discussed, including the availability of orders to require internet service providers to disable access to overseas websites that facilitate copyright infringement, the patentability of isolated genetic material, and the nature and scope of patent licences.


IPKat Book Review: Intellectual Property in Australia

Book Review - ETHOS . LAW SOCIETY OF THE ACT JOURNAL June 2018 | Issue 248


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Andrew Stewart is John Bray Professor at the Law School, University of Adelaide and a Legal Consultant with Piper Alderman.

William van Caenegem is a Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law, Bond University.

Judith Bannister is an Associate Professor at the Law School, University of Adelaide.

Adam Liberman is a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales and Vice President Strategic Planning, Coherent Cloud.

Charles Lawson is a Professor of Law at Griffith Law School, Griffith University.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Introduction
Ch 1 An Overview
Ch 2 Enforcement of Rights

PART 2 Confidentiality
Ch 3 The Concept of Rights in Information
Ch 4 Breach of Confidence

PART 3 Copyright, Designs and Related Rights
Ch 5 Copyright: Basic Concepts
Ch 6 Subsistence of Copyright
Ch 7 Exploitation of Copyright
Ch 8 Infringement of Copyright
Ch 9 Moral Rights and Related Rights
Ch 10 Designs

PART 4 Patents
Ch 11 The Patent System
Ch 12 Validity of Patents
Ch 13 Ownership and Exploitation of Patent Rights
Ch 14 Infringement of Patent Rights
Ch 15 Plant Breeder’s Rights

PART 5 Business Reputation
Ch 16 Misappropriation of Business Reputation: General Principles
Ch 17 Misappropriation: Establishing a Reputation
Ch 18 Misappropriation: Establishing Deception
Ch 19 Registration of Trade Marks
Ch 20 Protection and Exploitation of Registered Marks

PART 6 Other Dimensions
Ch 21 International Aspects of Intellectual Property Protection
Ch 22 Commercialising Intellectual Property

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