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Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 5th Edition (eBook)

Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 5th Edition (eBook)

Ricketson, S; Richardson, M; Davison, M, 2012

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Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary is a comprehensive casebook for law students studying Intellectual Property as an elective or core subject.


Format: ePub


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Click here to view a sample chapter.

Click here to read the review first published in the Law Institute Journal Victoria June 2013.

Click here to see the Book Review by The Intellectual Property Bulletin.


The book provides extensive reading material, both case extracts and extracts from other relevant sources, which is linked together by expert commentary.

Intellectual Property allows readers to gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of intellectual property law. Questions of policy are examined and discussed throughout the text, linking the various materials and presenting them in a meaningful context.

· Detailed notes help the reader understand the significance of the cases and other material
· Further reading provides a springboard for research and deeper learning
· Questions throughout challenge the reader and provide a deeper analysis
· Colourful design provides easy navigation and makes the material more accessible
· Complimentary teaching and learning resources available on


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Table of Contents

Part I
1. The concept of intellectual property
2. Enforcement of rights and other matters

Part II - Copyright and Related Rights
3. Copyright: origins, rationale and basic principles
4. The framework of copyright protection: conditions, subject matter and duration
5. Exclusive rights and their infringement: the economic rights
6. Further rights of authors, exceptions to infringement, and other protections for copyright owners
7. Ownership and exploitation of copyright
8. International copyright arrangements and new developments

Part III - Protection at the borderline of copyright and patents
9. The registered designs system
10. Circuit layouts
11. The protection of confidential information

Part IV - Patents for Inventions
12. The patent system: origins and rationale
13. The concept of invention
14. Patent validity and the application process
15. Exploitation of patents

Part V - Trade marks and commercial indicators
16. Passing off and related actions
17. the registered trade marks system: origins and rationale
18. Registered trade marks
19. Rights given by trade mark registration

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