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Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, 3rd edition

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, 3rd edition

Caenegem, W, 2019

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Publication Date: July, 2019


Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, 3rd edition is a clear and accessible introduction to contemporary Australian intellectual property law


Format: Paperback

Once published, this title will also be available in eBook format.
eISBN: 9780409350166


This engaging text explains and discusses the major principles and issues underpinning intellectual and industrial property law in Australia. The content is structured to develop an understanding of each key topic, while a separate chapter on remedies introduces matters of practical importance in intellectual property disputes. Also included in this text are plentiful cases to illustrate how intellectual and industrial property law has been applied.

The third edition has been revised to cover important recent developments in case law and legislation, including:
• the Report of the Productivity Commission concerning Intellectual Property Arrangements in Australia (2016)
• significant recent cases concerning the patentability of medical inventions
• important amendments to the Copyright Act, including new powers for the Federal Court to block access to foreign infringement websites
• interesting new cases concerning registration and infringement of non-traditional trade marks
• notable developments in the law of passing off and consumer deception



• Wide-ranging coverage of legal issues
• Accessible, reader-friendly style
• Authoritative author


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William van Caenegem is a Professor of Law at Bond University. He is an expert in comparative law, intellectual property and evidence.

Table of Contents

1. Themes and Concepts in Intellectual Property Law
2. Copyright: Subsistence Requirements
3. Copyright: Ownership and Exploitation
4. Copyright Infringement in General
5. Copyright: Other Rights and Exceptions
6. Registered Designs
7. Patents: Subject Matter
8. Patents: Novelty and Inventiveness
9. Patents: Ownership, Assignment and Licence
10. Patents: Infringement
11. Breach of Confidence: Elements of the Action
12. Breach of Confidence: Defences, Remedies and Employees
13. Passing Off
14. Registered Trade Marks: Definition of a Mark and Distinctiveness
15. Registered Trade Marks: Other Requirements
16. Registered Trade Marks: Infringement
17. Sui Generis Regimes: Circuit Layouts and Plant Varieties
18. Digitisation
19. Remedies in Intellectual Property Law

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