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Hammerschlag’s Commercial Court Handbook (eBook)

Hammerschlag’s Commercial Court Handbook (eBook)

Hammerschlag, D, 2019

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Hammerschlag’s Commercial Court Handbook is a practical guide to conducting proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court commercial lists


Format: ePub


Proceedings in the Commercial List, the Technology and Construction List, and the Commercial Arbitration List of the Supreme Court of New South Wales together provide for the expeditious disposition of causes arising out of commercial transactions, building and engineering work, and commercial arbitration. Viewed as a whole, these three Lists effectively comprise the commercial court.

This book is intended to be a practical tool for the benefit of those who practise in the commercial jurisdiction. It provides guidance as to the practical operation of the three Lists by covering aspects of procedure not discoverable on the face of the rules or practice directions.

Drawing on his deep knowledge and experience of case management, the author gives clear explanations on appropriate procedural matters to enable practitioners to further the goal of securing the just, quick and economic disposal of proceedings. The clear and authoritative commentary is the essential information for practitioners operating in the commercial jurisdiction.



• Essential information for effective court appearance and case management
• Authoritative
• Practical


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David Hammerschlag is a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Head of the Commercial List, Technology and Construction List, and Commercial Arbitration List.

Table of Contents

Ch 1 – Case management
Ch 2 - The Commercial List and Technology and Construction List
Ch 3 - Class Actions – CPA Part 1
Ch 4 - The Commercial Arbitration List
Appendix 1 – Practice Note SC Eq 3
Appendix 2 – Practice Note SC Eq 5
Appendix 3 – Practice Note SC Eq 9
Appendix 4 – Practice Note SC Eq 11
Appendix 5 – Practice Note SC Gen 5
Appendix 6 – Practice Note SC Gen 7
Appendix 7 – Practice Note SC Gen 17
Appendix 8 – Specimen directions and orders

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