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Family Law in Australia, 9th edition

Family Law in Australia, 9th edition

Young, L; Sifris, A; Carroll, R; Monahan, G, 2016

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Family Law in Australia, 9th edition is the leading family law text identifies the underlying principles of family law through analysis of the historical, social and legal background to the present law. It examines the evolution of family law in its contemporary context and critically evaluates patterns of past and future reforms.


Format: Paperback


Family Law in Australia, 9th edition provides a comprehensive, detailed and accessible analysis of key family law issues and their positioning in the Australian society. The underlying principles of family law as expressed in the present law are placed in their historical, social and legal context. The authors critically evaluate patterns of past and future reforms, making this text invaluable for scholarly and vocational study in law and as an authoritative text for practitioner use.


The ninth edition of Family Law in Australia has been fully revised and updated by a team of authors highly experienced in family law. Developments include:


     •     major revision of chapters on property settlement, including developments arising out of Stanford (ZCA), Bevan & Bevan, Hoffman & Hoffman and Fields & Smith (FamCAFC), the changes in the area of ‘big money’ cases and the future of add-backs
     •     complex recent litigation on financial agreements, third parties and de facto relationships
     •     the impact of the 2012 amendments to Pt VII of the Family Law Act (relating to Children and Parenting)
     •     legislative developments and solutions on parentage and related issues, particularly surrogacy arrangements and assisted conception
     •     discussion of developments in relation to special medical procedures: Re Jamie (FamCAFC) (childhood gender identity disorder and the role of the court)
     •     increased focus on family dispute resolution methods, including the relevance of family law arbitration
     •     extended discussion of social policy throughout.


Book Review - The Law Society of Tasmania


     •     Combines analysis of current law and discussion of trends in social policy and research

     •     An established and popular title with a longstanding reputation in the field

     •     Engaging, clear and relevant content


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Lisa Young is an Associate Professor in the School of Law at Murdoch University.


Adiva Sifris is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Monash University.


Robyn Carroll is Professor of Law in the Law School, University of Western Australia.


Geoffrey Monahan is a Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Table of Contents

Ch 1        Law, Society and the Family
Ch 2        Dispute Resolution in Family Law
Ch 3        Violence and Abuse
Ch 4        Constitutional Powers and the Family Courts
Ch 5        Marriage and De Facto Relationships
Ch 6        Nullity, Divorce and Termination of De Facto Relationships
Ch 7        Parentage
Ch 8        Child Related Disputes: The Legislative Framework
Ch 9        Children and Parents: The Exercise of Discretion In Reallocating Parental Responsibility
Ch 10      Financial Support of Married and De Facto Partners
Ch 11      Financial Support of Children
Ch 12      Property Proceedings: Preliminary Issues
Ch 13      Property Proceedings: The Legislative Framework
Ch 14      Property Proceedings: The Exercise of the Discretion
Ch 15      Property Proceedings: Specific Issues

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