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Excellence and Innovation in Legal Education (eBook)

Excellence and Innovation in Legal Education (eBook)

Kift, S; Cowley, J; Sanson, M; Watson, P, 2011

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In Excellence and Innovation in Legal Education, teaching professionalism is characterised by the scholarly underpinning of each contribution; and every contribution provides a rich resource for enhancing teaching practice.


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The critical concerns for legal education have been identified and discussed in this book: curriculum design that includes graduate attributes; embedding specific attributes across the curriculum; empowering students to learn; academic teamwork to manage large student cohorts; first year and final year transition strategies; tracking students' personal development through the use of ePortfolio; assessment strategies; improving student well-being and promoting resilience; teaching practice to achieve deep learning; flexibility in delivery; the use of Web 2.0 technology; and understanding the 21st century student.



     •     Critical overview of legal education in Australia identifies critical concerns for legal educators
     •     Australia's leading law teachers' contributions provide rich resource of research-based literature
     •     Scholarly perspective provides opportunity to enhance teaching practice
     •     Practical examples can be applied to engage students
     •     Wide range of subject areas helps readers to recognise what encapsulates teaching professionalism


About the Editors:

Professor Sally Kift, Professor of Law, Law Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. She is also an ALTC Discipline Scholar: Law.

Dr Michelle Sanson, Editor in Chief, Legal Education Review; Associate Editor Legal Education Digest; and Associate Director, Centre for Legal Education.

Jill Cowley has been both a Director of Teaching at Southern Cross University and the Academic Fellow (Learning and Teaching) for the School of Law at University of New South Wales.

Penelope Watson, Senior Lecturer and former Associate Dean/Director, Learning and Teaching (2008-2010), Macquarie University.

Table of Contents

1. Whole-of-Curriculum Design in Law
2. Mapping and Embedding Graduate Attributes Across the Curriculum
3. Embedding Graduate Attributes Within Subjects: Critical Thinking
4. Embedding "Ethics" in Law Degrees
5. Why and What to Internationalise in Australian Legal Education
6. Embedding Specific Graduate Attributes: Cultural Awareness and Indigenous Perspectives
7. Getting the Most out of Teaching Teams
8. Transition Pedagogy in First and Final Year Law Programs
9. e-Portfolios and Legal Professional Attributes
10. Assessment Strategies
11. Using 'Deeper' Case Method to Introduce Legal Theory and Context
12. Law Student Engagement: The Curricular and Co-curricular Experience
13. Student Diversity: Widening Participation by Engaging Culturally Diverse Non-Law Students in Law
14. The Student Experience: The Holistic Law Student
15. Promoting Student Wellbeing and Resilience at Law School
16. Flexible, Blended and Intensive Learning in Law
17. Technology: New Horizons in Law Teaching
18. Clinical Legal Education and Practical Legal Training
19. The Legal Education Academic: Research-Led Teaching

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