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Default notice (on demand facility)

Default notice (on demand facility)

Andrea Beatty; Andrew Smith; James Moore of HWL Ebsworth, 2012

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This is a precedent notice of default under a credit contract regulated by the National Credit Code. The notice is tailored for an "on demand facility" (as that term is defined in s 92(2) of the Code).
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This precedent document is a template default notice, in relation to an on demand facility regulated by the National Credit Code.

The precedent includes author notes about relevant provisions of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth).

The default notice includes provisions relating to:
• timeframes for remedying the default before enforcement (including against the guarantor)
• a warning regarding any future defaults
• statutory notices and other legislative requirements (including in relation to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

Sample document
To preview the default notice (on demand facility) precedent click here.

This precedent is also available via subscription to the Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents.

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Andrea Beatty, HWL Ebsworth

Andrea Beatty is a partner in HWL Ebsworth's Regulatory & Financial Services Group. She practises in regulatory and financial services including corporate, and is the national team leader of advisory, payment systems, retail and electronic banking, privacy and banking law.

Andrea has been recognised for her skills in relation to financial institutions and regulatory law in the Australian Financial Review's Best Lawyers 2012 Awards.

James Moore, HWL Ebsworth

James Moore is a Partner of the Regulatory and Financial Services Group at HWL Ebsworth lawyers based in Sydney. James' major specialisation is the laws, entities and relationships that define the financial sector and the development and management of financial products.

James assists a wide range of financial and other institutions with practical and commercial advice in these areas, helping to manage existing products and to develop new products and relationships.

James has particular expertise in consumer financial products (including the National Credit Code, credit licensing and financial services regulation), anti-money laundering, unfair contract terms regulation, personal property securities, payment systems and electronic commerce, banking system regulation, privacy law and plain English drafting.

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