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Criminal Law of Fiji (eBook)

Criminal Law of Fiji (eBook)

Colvin, E, 2017

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As part of the ongoing commitment to the Rule of Law and the fair and effective administration of justice, LexisNexis is proud to publish Criminal Law of Fiji by Eric Colvin. Criminal law is one of the major areas of practice for lawyers in Fiji and this text provides essential access to selected cases, providing students and practitioners with a concise analysis of the key principles of criminal law and procedure.


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Eric Colvin has been Professor of Law and Head of the School of Law at the University of the South Pacific since 2011. He was previously Professor of Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law at Bond University in Queensland. Originally educated in England, he taught at several universities in Scotland and Canada before moving to Australia. He has written on issues in jurisprudence and Canadian constitutional law as well as the criminal law of Canada, Australia and the South Pacific Island Nations.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introductory Matters

1. Sources of Criminal Law in Fiji
2. Offences and Their Proof

Part 2: General Elements of Offences

3. Physical Elements
4. Fault Elements

Part 3: Specific Offences

5. Murder and Manslaughter
6. Assaults, Injuries and Harm
7. Sexual Coercion and Exploitation
8. Property Offences
9. Drug Offences

Part 4: Defences

10. Justifications and Excuses
11. Mental Impairment
12. Intoxication

Part 5: Participation in Crime

13. Inchoate Liability
14. Secondary Liability
15. Capacity to Commit Offences: Children and Corporations

Part 6: Criminal Procedure

16. Police Powers
17. Charges
18. Trial Proceedings
19. Verdicts
20. Appeals

Part 7: Sentences

21. Sentencing Process and Principles


No. of Pages: 201-300 Language: English

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