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Bundle: Website documents

Bundle: Website documents

Adrian Lawrence, Baker & McKenzie; Allison Manvell, Baker & McKenzie; Alexandra Morrissey, Baker & McKenzie, 2012

Available Formats

Format ISBN Price
Precedent 0000688665 $425.00

This bundle contains eCommerce precedents related to website development, operation and maintenance.
Format: Word document delivered by email within 24 hours
Page length: 68


The website documents precedents can be purchased as a bundle and are delivered in Microsoft Word format for ease of editing.

The precedents have been prepared by expert technology and communications lawyers from leading law firmBaker & McKenzie.

Precedent agreements included in the bundle:
• B2B software licence agreement (in favour of licensee)
• Click wrap software licence (B2C)
• Web development agreement (in favour of customer)
• Website advertising agreement (in favour of website operator)
• Website content supply agreement (in favour of customer)
• Website privacy policy
• Website terms of use


Adrian Lawrence, Baker & McKenzie

Adrian Lawrence is a partner in the Sydney office of Baker & McKenzie where he advises on media, intellectual property and information technology, providing advice in relation to major issues relating to the online and offline media interests. He is recognised as a leading Australian media and telecommunications lawyer.

Allison Manvell, Baker & McKenzie

Allison Manvell is a senior associate in the Technology, Communications and Commercial, and Media & Content, teams at Baker & McKenzie, Sydney. Allison advises on commercial and regulatory matters across a range of industries with a particular focus on digital media, technology, broadcasting and content licensing and regulation.

Alex Morrissey, Baker & McKenzie

Alex Morrissey is an associate in the Technology, Communications & Commercial and the Media & Content teams at Baker & McKenzie, Sydney

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