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Australian Insolvency Law: Cases and Materials (eBook)

Australian Insolvency Law: Cases and Materials (eBook)

Symes, C; Brown, D; Wellard, M, 2015

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Australian Insolvency Law: Cases and Materials is a practical text combines leading insolvency law decisions, legislation, guidelines and commentary to promote understanding of complex concepts and encourage analysis of key principles.


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Australian Insolvency Law: Cases and Materials by David Brown, Christopher Symes and Mark Wellard provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the key cases and materials of insolvency law in Australia. With a clear structure making the book easy to navigate, the explanatory approach helps students to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for successful insolvency practice. Each extract includes a summary of the most important elements: courts, facts, issue and decision. This overview is followed by the case extract itself and commentary.



     •     Clear structure which makes the book easy to navigate
     •     Explanatory approach and accessible style


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Christopher Symes has worked as an accountant and commercial lawyer, and taught in law and business schools in Australia and Malaysia. He has been National President of the Corporate Law Teachers Association and is involved with the ARITA and the Law Council of Australia’s Insolvency and Reconstruction Committee.


David Brown has taught at Merton College Oxford, University of Birmingham, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Western Ontario, University of Mannheim and University of Adelaide. He has worked in private practice and with the Council of Legal Education, Law Commission, Institute of Chartered Accountants and Higher Judiciary Studies Programme in New Zealand, and with the Law Council of Australia, ARITA and INSOL.


Mark Wellard has worked in corporate insolvency and commercial litigation and has taught insolvency and professional practice in the QUT Law School since 2010. He is an academic member of the Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association, and was a 2013 recipient of ARITA’s Terry Taylor Scholarship.

Table of Contents

     Chapter 1       Introduction

Personal Insolvency
     Chapter 2       The bankruptcy process and its consequences
     Chapter 3       The bankrupt estate
     Chapter 4       Claims against the bankrupt estate
     Chapter 5       Alternatives to bankruptcy
     Chapter 6       Other personal insolvency matters

Corporate insolvency
     Chapter 7       Receivership
     Chapter 8       Voluntary administration
     Chapter 9       Deeds of company arrangement
     Chapter 10     Liquidation
     Chapter 11     Further liquidation matters and deregistration
     Chapter 12     Insolvent trading and directors
     Chapter 13     Australian cross-border insolvency law

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