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Australian Immigration Companion, 8th edition (eBook)

Australian Immigration Companion, 8th edition (eBook)

Fernandez, R; Gerkens, M; Kenny, J; Ozyurek, S; Yau, D, 2018

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Practical problems and solutions with an introduction to migration law and visa application procedures


Format: ePub


Australian Immigration Companion, 8th edition has been developed to assist migration practitioners — students, academics, lawyers, migration agents, staff of the Department of Home Affairs, parliamentarians’ staff — and anyone with an interest in migration law to understand Australian migration law in a practical and real-life context. The book will be an invaluable companion for students studying the entry-level course (Graduate Diploma in Migration Law) prescribed by the Minister for Home Affairs, Immigration and Border Protection. Practising migration agents and newly-registered lawyers will also find it a useful aid in their work and professional development. Immigration officers in Australia and overseas might also use this book for training purposes, information exchange and discussion.


Book Review - The Bulletin | February 2019



• clearly laid out with easy-to-follow explanations
• authoritative source of information
• questions and answers hand-picked by experienced migration law teachers and practitioners


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Rodger Fernandez, Murray Gerkens, Janelle Kenny, Sherene Ozyurek and Dominic Yau are all lawyers at FCG Legal in Melbourne and lecturers in Victoria University’s immigration law program. The author team combines decades of experience in migration law practice and teaching.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the First Edition
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Using this Text
     1. Introduction to Australian Migration Law
     2. Introduction to Visa Application Procedures
     3. Scenario Discussion Questions
     4. Suggested Answers to Scenario Discussion Questions

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