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Assignment of a debt

Assignment of a debt

Kalina, R; Sweetlove, M, 2013 (5 pages)

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This precedent is a template for the assignment of a debt.

This precedent can be used for the assignment of simple contract debts, specialty debts and judgment debts. It can also be adapted and applied to an equitable assignment of part of a debt.

To be effective, it is not necessary for this precedent to be prepared as a deed. However, in order for any undertakings in the instrument to be enforceable against the assignor, the instrument will need to be a deed or supported by valuable consideration.

Notice of the assignment should be given to the debtor and, where the benefit of a guarantee securing payment of the debt is also being assigned, to the guarantor as soon as possible.

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Document length: 5 pages

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    Kalina Rose is a commodities and derivatives lawyer working on Macquarie Bank's Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) trading floor in London. Prior to moving to the UK, she was a barrister at the Sydney Commercial Bar.

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