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Applicant's documents (Cth FOI)

Applicant's documents (Cth FOI)

Cremean, D, 2015

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Precedent 0000689548 $169.99


The Applicant’s documents (Cth FOI) can be purchased as a bundle and precedent documents included in the bundle are:

• Application for amendment of personal records under Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) - A person may apply to an agency or Minister for amendment or annotation of the record of information kept by that agency or Minister: section 48 of the Cth FOI Act. An application for amendment must comply with the requirements of section 49 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth). Additionally, the applicant’s reasons for claiming the information is incomplete must be set out. (5 pages)

• Application for IC review of FOI access refusal decision - The term "IC review" is defined by the Cth FOI Act as a review of an IC reviewable decision: section 54G. The IC review application may contain particulars of the basis on which the IC review applicant disputes the IC reviewable decision: section 54N(2). An application for the review of an access refusal decision may be made under the Cth FOI Act regardless of whether the decision was the subject of internal review: section 54L. (4 pages)

• Application for internal review of FOI access refusal decision – A party who is dissatisfied with a decision may, in certain circumstances, apply for internal review of it under section 54 of the Cth FOI Act. Specified periods are set by section 54B within which a request to review a decision must be made. However, an agency may decide to allow a further period for making an application whether or not the time for making the application has already expired: section 54B(2). (5 pages)

• Request for access under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) – In seeking access, it is important always to be precise about the information which is being sought. A request for access to information in a document is liable to be rejected or returned if the request is vague or ill defined. It is necessary to be precise about dates or the names of individuals or about the exact position(s) they occupy in an organisation. It will also be necessary to be very exacting in the description of the document(s) containing the information sought. (7 pages)

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This precedent is also available via subscription to the Precedents – General Legal Suite – Freedom of Information Bundle

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