Quick reference card: Contract Law II, 2nd edition

QRCs make ideal study aids both for classroom and exam use, and as self-teaching tools for practitioners.

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Supporting LexisNexis' vision to strengthen student learning outcomes throughout and beyond their university years, Quick Reference Cards (QRCs) offer a concise summary of the topic in four to eight laminated A4 pages designed to be folded once into an easy-to-handle reference. The summary consists of the most important principles of the topic, including important legislation and cases.


  • Written by the leading author
  • Covers common law and statute
  • Numbered propositions for all major topics
  • Key cases identified for each topic
  • Cross referenced to all Carter contract material
  • See at a glance the cases & statutes extracted in Cases and Materials on Contract Law in Australia
  • Includes table of contents
  • Divided into two cards for (QRC Contract Law I and II) for ease of reference - buy each as you need or buy both together

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Table of contents

  • Vitiating factors

  • Performance and breach of contract

  • Discharge for breach

  • Discharge by frustration

  • Damages

  • Recovery of Sums Fixed by the Contract

  • >Restitution

  • Specific Performance and Injunction