LexisNexis Study Guide: Corporations Law, 4th edition

LexisNexis Study Guide: Corporations Law is a concise study resource for revision of key corporate law concepts

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Release Date: December 24, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409349498

Product description

The LexisNexis Study Guide series is designed to assist law students with the foundations for effective, systematic exam preparation and revision. Each chapter clearly identifies and explains the pertinent topics within specific areas of law. Concise summaries of key cases and principles simplify exam study and short and concise paragraphs, bullet-pointed summaries, flowcharts and tables facilitate revision. Open-book exams are made easier with this compact and portable text.

The fourth edition of LexisNexis Study Guide: Corporations Law has been revised and updated throughout and includes expanded discussion on:

  • comparative business structures
  • corporate governance
  • corporate equity finance
  • members remedies


  • Key cases and commentary simplify exam study
  • Short and concise paragraphs, bullet-pointed summaries, flowcharts and tables
  • Compact and portable – great for open book exams

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Table of contents

  1. Comparative Business Structures

  2. Corporate Regulation

  3. The Nature of Corporations

  4. Pre-Incorporation Dealings

  5. Corporate Constitution

  6. Relationships with Outsiders

  7. Corporate Governance

  8. Share Capital

  9. Membership and Meetings

  10. Members’ Remedies

  11. Corporate Equity Finance

  12. Corporate Debt Finance

  13. External Administration