LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Torts, 6th edition

A clear and systematic approach to successfully tackling torts assignments and exams.

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Release Date: May 05, 2023
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This popular text provides valuable tools for the study of torts. Each chapter includes a summary of key principles, relevant cases and legislation necessary for effective revision. Where pertinent, alternative causes of action and their strengths and weaknesses are also noted. Many areas of tort law have been significantly impacted by statute, so comparative tables of the applicable provisions across Australia are provided for ease of reference. Points of statutory interpretation are noted throughout many of the summaries of key principles. Examples of written questions with fact scenarios are included for all topics, each with a suggested answer plan, sample answer and comments on how the answer might be viewed by an examiner. Readers are provided with advice on common errors to avoid when answering questions and practical hints and tips on how to achieve higher marks.

Fully revised and updated, the sixth edition references more than a dozen recent High Court decisions covering trespass, negligence, defamation, intentional economic torts and damages, incorporates legislative amendments, notably in the areas of institutional child abuse, defamation and the new motor accidents scheme in the Australian Capital Territory, and includes an expanded coverage of topics including notions of fault (intent, recklessness and negligence), defences to trespass, employment-related mental harm, recreational activity defences and intentional torts such as civil conspiracy, inducing breach of contract and misfeasance in public office.


  • Includes summaries of key issues and legislative provisions
  • helps students revise important concepts before attempting problem questions
  • assists students understand how to structure written responses to essay and problem assessment tasks
  • Provides answer plans and tips
  • Reinforces understanding of statutory interpretation principles in the Torts context
  • Provides a focus on interpretation of the Civil Liability Acts
  • Dedicated revision chapter draws together issues from across the text
  • Helps students tackle multi-issue problems requiring wide-ranging torts knowledge

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Table of contents

Ch1 Civil Liability Legislation: Application and Interpretation

Ch 2 Trespass

Ch 3 Private and Public Nuisance

Ch 4 Negligence: Duty of Care and Breach

Ch 5 Causation and Remoteness

Ch 6 Mental Harm

Ch 7 Pure Economic Loss

Ch 8 Omission Cases and Public Authorities

Ch 9 Defences

Ch 10 Vicarious Liability and Non-Delegable Duty of Care

Ch 11 Defamation

Ch 12 Damages

Ch 13 Revision Questions