Family Law in Australia, 10th edition

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Release Date: July 07, 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409352696

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Family Law in Australia provides a comprehensive, detailed and accessible analysis of key family law issues and their positioning in Australian society. The underlying principles of family law as expressed in the present law are placed in their historical, social and legal context. The authors critically evaluate patterns of past and future reforms, making this text invaluable for scholarly and vocational study in law and as an authoritative text for practitioner use.

The tenth edition has been fully revised and updated by a team of authors highly experienced in family law. Developments include:
• commentary on the 2019 Australian Law Reform Commission Report Family Law for the Future: An Inquiry into the Family Law System
• discussion of the forthcoming merger of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit of Australia
• the introduction of same-sex marriage and what this means for the future of Australian family law
• a rewritten chapter on family violence including the impact of recent legislative amendments, inquiries and reports
• an entirely new chapter on Financial Agreements and Consent Orders
• detailed discussion of High Court decisions such as Masson v Parsons, Thorne v Kennedy, Hall v Hall, Bondelmonte v Bondelmonte, Hsiao v Fazarri and Clayton v Bant.


• Combines analysis of current law and discussion of trends in social policy and research
• Engaging, clear and relevant content
• Authoritative author team

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Table of contents

  • Ch 1 Law, Society and the Family

  • Ch 2 Dispute Resolution in Family Law

  • Ch 3 Violence and Abuse

  • Ch 4 Constitutional Powers and the Family Courts

  • Ch 5 Marriage and De Facto Relationships

  • Ch 6 Nullity, Divorce and Termination of De Facto Relationships

  • Ch 7 Parentage

  • Ch 8 Child-Related Disputes: The Legislative Framework

  • Ch 9 Children and Parents: The Exercise of Discretion in Reallocating Parental Responsibility

  • Ch 10 Financial Support of Married and De Facto Partners

  • Ch 11 Financial Support of Children

  • Ch 12 Property Proceedings: Preliminary Issues

  • Ch 13 Property Proceedings: The Legislative Framework

  • Ch 14 Property Proceedings: The Exercise of the Discretion

  • Ch 15 Property Proceedings: Specific Issues

  • Ch 16 Financial Agreements and Consent Orders