Australian Corporate Law, 7th edition

A comprehensive text on the law of corporations in Australia

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Release Date: November 13, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350739

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This well-regarded text provides clear and accessible commentary on the fundamental concepts of Australian corporate law.

The seventh edition has been fully revised and updated to include significant recent developments in corporate law and regulation, both in legislation and case law. Understanding of complex topics is enhanced by features including key statements, key cases highlighting important precedents, case examples, discussion points, glossary notes, problem questions, plentiful practical examples and an ongoing case study demonstrating how companies operate within the broader business context.

Teaching and learning is supported by a comprehensive and innovative suite of online resources for students and lecturers.


• Comprehensive treatment of all topics in a core undergraduate corporations law unit
• Chapters designed to promote student learning (learning objectives, questions, problems, activities, case examples, working examples)
• Strong online student learning support via Lexis Learning platform

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Table of contents

  1. The Context of Australian Corporate Law

  2. Australian Securities and Investments Commission: Role and Powers

  3. Business Structures

  4. Partnerships and Associations

  5. Incorporation and its Effects

  6. Internal Governance: Constitution and Replaceable Rules

  7. Corporate Liability: Tort, Crime and Contract

  8. Promoters: Duties and Liabilities

  9. Corporate Fundraising

  10. Debt Finance

  11. Share Capital and Transactions Affecting Share Capital

  12. Membership Rights and Meetings

  13. Corporate Governance

  14. Directors and Officers

  15. Directors’ and Officers’ Duties: Good Faith and Proper Purposes

  16. Directors and Officers: Conflicts of Interest

  17. Directors and Officers: The Duty of Care and Diligence

  18. Directors and Officers: Corporate Governance During Times of Financial Distress

  19. Members’ Remedies

  20. Accounts, Auditors and Dividends

  21. Financial Services, Managed Investment Schemes and Financial Markets

  22. External Administration and Insolvency