LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Uniform Evidence Law, 3rd edition

LexisNexis Questions & Answers: Uniform Evidence Law assists students in uniform evidence jurisdictions to consolidate knowledge through practice and revision questions

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Release Date: April 01, 2019
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Product description

LexisNexis Questions & Answers: Uniform Evidence Law is designed to facilitate continuous review and preparation for assignments and examinations. It consolidates and reinforces readers’ knowledge and understanding of the law of evidence applicable in the Uniform Evidence Act jurisdictions. The author provides clear and concise revision guides for each major topic, and a systematic approach to analysing and answering problem and exam questions.

Each chapter commences with a summary of relevant cases and identification of the key issues. All questions are followed by a suggested answer plan, a sample answer and comments on how the answer might be viewed by an examiner. The author also offers advice on common errors to avoid, and practical hints and tips on how to achieve higher marks.


  • Assists students with effective exam study preparation
  • Summaries of key issues help revision of key areas before problem questions are attempted
  • Scenario problems with answer guide, model answer, examiners comments and tips to keep in mind
  • Specifically written for students in uniform evidence jurisdictions

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Table of contents

Ch 1 Relevance, Admissibility and Weight

Ch 2 Burdens and Standards of Proof

Ch 3 Shortcuts to Proof

Ch 4 Competence, Compellability and Privilege

Ch 5 The Course of a Trial

Ch 6 Character, Propensity and Prejudice

Ch 7 Hearsay

Ch 8 Opinion, Identification and Corroboration

Ch 9 Illegally or Improperly Obtained Evidence

Ch 10 The Final Hurdle