Jacobs’ Law of Trusts in Australia, 8th edition

Jacobs’ Law of Trusts in Australia, 8th edition is an authoritative work responding to developments of trust law over the last decade in all Australian jurisdictions.

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Release Date: October 01, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409343502

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There are chapters on the important areas of superannuation and choice of law. The balance of chapters have been substantially rewritten to reflect the decisions and statutes of the last ten years, with particular attention to the areas of charitable, resulting and constructive trusts; the duties and liabilities of trustees; and tracing trust property. This text provides practitioners, law students and academics with a comprehensive and clearly presented account of the law.


  • Authoritative and comprehensive
  • Coverage of all Australian jurisdictions
  • Up to date case law analysis

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 – The Nature of a Trust

Chapter 2 – The Distinction between a Trust and certain other Legal Institutions

Chapter 3 – The Classifications of Trusts

Chapter 4 – Capacity to Create a Trust

Chapter 5 – Express Trusts: Certainty of Intention, Subject Matter and Object

Chapter 6 – Express Trusts: Complete Constitution or Consideration

Chapter 7 –Express Trusts: The Requirement of Writing

Chapter 8 – The Interpretation of the Trust

Chapter 9 –When an Express Trust may Fail or be Set Aside

Chapter 10 – Charitable Trusts

Chapter 11 – Purpose Trusts

Chapter 12 – Resulting Trusts

Chapter 13– Constructive Trusts

Chapter 14 – Capacity to be a Trustee

Chapter 15 – The Appointment, Retirement and Removal of Trustees

Chapter 16 – Duties, Powers and Discretions of a Trustee

Chapter 17 – Duties of a Trustee

Chapter 18 – The Duty to Invest Trust Funds

Chapter 19- Duty of Impartiality

Chapter 20 – Powers of a Trustee

Chapter 21 – Rights of Trustees

Chapter 22 – Liability of a Trustee

Chapter 23 – The Rights of a Beneficiary

Chapter 24 – What may be Trust Property

Chapter 25 – Vesting of the Trust Property

Chapter 26 – Conversion

Chapter 27 – Tracing Trust Property

Chapter 28 – Trusts in the Conflict of Laws

Chapter 29 – The Trust Aspect of Superannuation